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In some settings there is already a high level of awareness of the issues involved in Indigenous education and in improving students' outcomes. In other places, for various reasons, awareness levels are not as high. But until they are, the foundation for effective action is not in place.

Schools are very busy places with a multitude of demands on them, and priorities can be fluid and over-ridden by the demands of the moment. But, in the end, all education solutions are about people and their personal and professional attributes and attitudes. That's why awareness about Indigenous education is so important.

Longer term achievements will always rely on the attitudes embedded in principals, teachers and other workers and they will be the product of past experiences, a sense of what is right and what should be done and, in the end, a sense of possibility... and practicality.

This section provides some starting points for thinking about these matters. Apart from awareness, what other personal and professional qualities are useful?

  • A capacity and willingness to solve problems as they arise on a case-by-case basis.
  • A high level of attention to the interpersonal aspects of student motivation.
  • An ability to see past the idea or the process to the person, while still remaining focused on longer term goals.
  • Energy and perseverance.
  • A confident and firm belief in the value of what is being done.
  • And a determination to succeed — to find a way.

These materials are founded in the belief that these are not rare qualities in Australia's teaching workforce.


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