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A quiz

This page isn't really a quiz, it's a set of questions from The Workbook that is often used to provoke thought and investigation among teachers and others in schools.

You could use it in the same way, and if you would like an electronic version that you can type in and save on your computer, that can be found at the bottom of the page.

Just while you're there…

1. What is the name of the traditional Indigenous custodians of the land where you are?

2. What language(s) did/do they speak?

3. Where did/do their lands extend?

4. Who were the neighbouring peoples?

5. Are any Indigenous words used to name local features — electorates, municipalities, areas, streets, geographical features? What do they mean or refer to? Who can you ask about these matters?

6. In your area, what are the main historical events associated with the arrival of non-Indigenous peoples?

7. What are the main local Indigenous organisations? What have they been set up for? What are their main issues and concerns currently?

8. Can you think of the names of six nationally historically important Indigenous people? Who lived before 1850? Between 1900 and 1950? Since 1950?

9. Who are some prominent local Indigenous people? What are their roles?

10. Are there local Indigenous painters, dancers or other artists? Who are they and where can you see their work?

11. Forget for a moment about people involved in sport. Can you name ten well-known contemporary Indigenous people? What are they known for?

12. Who designed the Aboriginal flag and when? What is the significance of its features? [Answer…]

13. What does the Torres Strait Islander flag look like? What are its features intended to capture? Who designed it? [Answer…]



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