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  What Works - The Work Program

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What Works. The Work Program is a set of materials for those working in schools. It is designed to assist them to plan and take action to improve educational outcomes for Australian Indigenous students.

In hundreds of schools, Indigenous students are present in small numbers. Other schools have larger numbers, and in some remote locations the whole population may be Indigenous. What Works. The Work Program is for all these settings.

This website is organised around a three step process of

  • Building awareness,
  • Forming partnerships; and
  • Working systematically.

Materials to support each of these steps will be found here, along with over 50 case studies of successful practice around Australia.

Print materials include, centrally, The Workbook, which provides a range of tools and information to support planning and taking action. The range of other publications includes a set of short papers about core issues.

Facilitators are available free of charge to assist schools work through the materials. Please contact the project team.


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