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  What Works - The Work Program

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The Workbook tools

In response to many requests from users, most of the tools contained in The Workbook are available in pdf form for download from this page.

They are essentially just pages from The Workbook that can be filled in electronically and saved on your computer, if you have recent versions of the appropriate software. Otherwise you can, of course, print them and fill them in manually.

These tools are not meant to stand alone like this, but are best used in conjunction with the commentary in The Workbook (available through the 'Related Link' to the right of this page).



The Checklist (583 kb)

A tool for taking stock of current practice (The Workbook, p. 13).

Defining Goals (454 kb)

A tool to assist with formulating general goals (The Workbook, p. 19).

Defining Targets (457 kb)

A tool to help develop specific targets (The Workbook, p. 23).

Deciding on Strategies (473 kb)

A tool to record decisions about appropriate strategies (The Workbook, p. 29).

Scaffolding Strategies (475 kb)

A tool to help break down strategies into a set of actions (The Workbook, p. 31).

Your Plan (673 kb)

A place to record planning and monitor progress (The Workbook, p. 44-45).


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