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Core Issues

The 'Core Issues' series is a set of short, topic-based papers intended to provide key directions for practical action to improve outcomes for Indigenous students.



Core Issues 1: Setting Up For Success (1,374 kb)

Assists schools in shaping structures to maximise success for Indigenous students.


Core Issues 2: Reducing Suspensions (223 kb)

Looks at positive alternatives to student suspension, and their implementation.


Core Issues 3: Literacy (167 kb)

Explores questions about what it means to develop genuinely effective literacy.


Core Issues 4: Numeracy (298 kb)

Tackles important questions about the meaning and importance of numeracy.


Core Issues 5: Engagement (245 kb)

Discusses attendance, participation and belonging.


Core Issues 6: Boarding (181 kb)

Looks at current practice in this small but growing area of Indigenous education.


Core Issues 7: International Perspectives (714 kb)

Report of an OECD conference in Cairns in 2007.


Core Issues 8: Education and Student Health (1,498 kb)

Looks at some of the health issues affecting Indigenous students and the part schools and teachers can play in dealing with them.


Core Issues 9: Using Data (987 kb)

Assists schools in using evidence to take action to improve student outcomes.


Core Issues 10: Using Personalised Learning Plans (903 kb)

Assists schools in using personalised learning plans (PLPs) to improve student outcomes.


Core Issues 11: Principals as Leaders in Literacy (767 kb)

Looks at ways in which school leaders can guide their students´┐Ż literacy learning.


Core Issues 12: Improved Transition, Improved Outcomes (1,393 kb)

Provides a general framework for schools to enhance the effectiveness of student transitions.


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