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Informal get togethers

Every situation is different, but the fundamental starting point is getting advice from local Indigenous people. Think about the following points.

  • You're there to get to know each other better and enjoy each other's company, not to do formal business.
  • Get, and follow, advice about the right place to hold such occasions. It is possible that it might not be the school. Look at ways to take the school to the community.
  • Get, and follow, advice about how to get the message around that the event is on.
  • Look for opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate community events within the school.
  • Ensure that Elders and senior members of the community are invited and arrangements are made for their transport to and from the school.
  • Make everybody in the family welcome.
  • Don't assume speeches are necessary. Ask community members about their views. Consider their views as well about a Welcome to Country, Acknowledgement of Country and Acknowledgement of Elders.
  • Student and cultural performances are a way of showcasing the talent in the community.

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