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Comment from a remote community

Meetings of community members were held to develop advice for new teachers in a group of remote schools. This is a list of the major points raised at these meetings.

  • New teachers need to visit the parents and the community.
  • New teachers need to be aware of the different culture of the students and be open to learning about that culture.
  • Teachers should seek advice from community members about the places they can go in the community.
  • If there are disciplinary problems, the teachers should seek advice from the Aboriginal Teaching Assistant.
  • New teachers should participate in the school bus run so that they can see first hand where the students come from.
  • New teachers will need to be made aware of the names and words that are not used in the community so that they won't unwittingly cause offence.
  • Teachers should not be reserved about speaking with and getting to know community members. If possible, they should go out together on weekends.
  • Community members should be involved in the classroom.
  • The teachers must teach English well as the students want to be able to get a job when they leave school.



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