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Case studies have some things in common with travel guidebooks. They are subject to the perspectives of the people interviewed and their writers and they are about what is, or was, happening at a point in time. They can't possibly provide a global picture of a situation with all the factors in place and visible.

But what they can do is suggest successful strategies that other people might consider using in their own settings. That is why we include them in these materials. We are confident that they provide solid information about strategies and actions that have led to improved outcomes for Indigenous students.

The earliest ones were prepared some years ago. People mentioned may have moved on or programs changed and, in at least one case, the featured school does not exist as a separate entity any more. None of this matters if they provide users of these materials with ideas for strategic action, and feedback suggests that this is happening.

We wish to thank the hundreds of teachers, principals, administrators and Indigenous workers and community members who have contributed to these case studies. With their generous permission we use their own voices and they tell their own stories. We would like you to appreciate their endeavour, commitment and professional skills but also to see that these are real people working in real circumstances.

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